Gluetek is an international distributor for BondTAC Technologies, a manufacturer of premium waterproofing membranes, contact cements, and solvents.  Founded in 2001, Gluetek has worked closely with the construction industry in order to provide superior products to our clients.  Through our worldwide network of distributors and dealers, we supply both the retail market as well as wholesale and export markets.

Our BondTAC product lines completely outmatch all similar products that are available on the market today.  BondTAC is not only a superior choice in regard to quality and performance, but from a budget perspective, BondTAC saves time and money by eliminating the need for many other materials and the labor cost to install them.  Visit the product description pages on our website to learn more about BondTAC and feel free to contact us to learn how we can provide you with a high quality, cost-effective solution to all of your waterproofing needs.